Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mom's Rice Pudding

Mom (also known as Ruthie) asked me to post this recipe for the well-being of man. Truly. There's not a problem in the world that a big bowl of mom's warm rice pudding can't solve... or at least make you so full you can't remember. I added it to the Breakfast category because it really does make a lovely breakfast... in fact, I think we'll have it tomorrow.

Mom's Rice Pudding
½ c uncooked rice
1 cup water
½ c sugar
1 T. cornstarch
Dash of salt
2 eggs
2 ½ c. milk/cream
1 T. lemon juice
½ c raisins
1 tsp.Cinnamon
¼ tsp. nutmeg

Cook 1/2 cup rice in the 1 cup of water or however you normally cook your rice. Mom always cooked it over the stove, but I use a microwave rice cooker.
Heat oven to 350 deg. Blend ½ sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg. Add to beaten eggs. Stir in rest of the ingredients. Pour into an oven safe casserole dish. Place in a pan of water. Bake for about 1-1/2 hours. Do not overbake. When the middle is just set it is done. Stir about every 15 min.

Note from Mom:
How much cream do I use? About 1/3 ratio. Or whatever I have on hand. This is not exact science guys. Of course, when I make this I x5 it.


Rachel said...

Bahahaha, thanks!

Kitty said...

Tell Mom, "Thank you from a very happy family in France!"


Kind regards, Kitty :)

Jenny said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Maybe it was me telling mom how awful it was going to be when she died and NEVER shared her recipe that did the trick?