Saturday, December 20, 2008

Baked Apples

I remember my mom making these when I was growing up and I just loved them. So I decided to make them for desert recently. This recipe is truly in my mom's style, meaning I haven't listed any proportions because well, that is my mom. If I ever call her for a recipe she tells me oh I just used the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook except I omitted this and doubled that and added this, that and the other. She doesn't understand that she is not using a recipe from that cookbook anymore. And if you ask her for proportions she says oh I don't know, I just throw some in. So true to mom's form...Baked Apples

From: Ruth Solter aka Mom

Apples (I used Macintosh's because I was actually able to find them here!)
butter, melted
brown sugar
heavy cream

Peel a strip from around the middle of your apple, don't ask me why. That is what mom always did. Cut the core out of the middle of the apple. Place apples in a baking dish. Stuff apples with enough brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins to make you giddy. Pour enough melted butter over the apples to wet the sugar mixer and lightly glaze the apples. Bake at 350 degrees for about 35-45 minutes.

Meanwhile, combine cream, some vanilla and some sugar in a mixing bowl and whisk together until thickened. Serve atop baked apples. These are also fabulous served with some good vanilla ice cream

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