Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Product Review: Herb Mincer

I've been wanting an herb mincer for a little while. Knowing this, when my husband saw one on clearance he picked it up for me. You can all go oooh and awww now. I was so excited to try it out. So the next time my recipe called for some fresh basil, I whipped that baby out and went to it. I was saddened by the pathetic performance. It mostly just mangled the basil. There were little lines where it should have cut it. I thought perhaps it was not truly meant for basil so I tried it on parsley and cilantro, etc. All returned the same results. Moral of the story, save your money, even if it is on clearance.


Ruth Solter said...

I wish you would have asked- I had one.threw it away.

Sue said...

Any other alternatives that anyone is aware of? I feel like an herb mincer failure. Best method for me so far involves kitchen shears.

Jenny said...

I kind of want to try something like these.

I typically use kitchen shears or my "big" knife.