Saturday, October 4, 2008

Aw, Shucks.

I just wanted to tell all those within the "sound" of my voice how blown away we are by everyone who has been kind enough to let me know they read this blog.

Both Jenny & I really and honestly started this blog simply as a way to share our recipes with each other. We are SO thrilled that so many of you are actually making these recipes! And liking them!

I think I speak for Jenny (and if I don't, don't worry, she'll let me know!) when I say that we are open to suggestions! If you have made one of our recipes and didn't care for it, let us know! If you changed something to suit your tastes, feel free to email us (or leave it in the comments).

But mostly, if you have a recipe that you're DYING to share with us, we'd LOVE to try it! You can email me through my profile here.

We have some exciting things we've been talking about starting here, so stay tuned.

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Jenny said...

I agree completely.