Sunday, October 19, 2008

Product Review- Microplane Grater

Hi everyone!

As I mentioned, we wanted to do some other special features, starting with product reviews. This is our first one.

Zesting lemons, oranges and limes on my crappy little zester has been making me die inside. So, finally, after putting it off forever, I got myself to Bed, Bath & Beyond for this sweet little toy. I was so sick of zesting one tiny lemon taking FOREVER and losing half or more of the zest on the zester, or worse, trying to pick it out.

Never again. If zesting is the bane of your existence, much as it was mine, buy one of these. You'll never regret it.

Mine was $15, though I know you can get them cheaper. I was desperate.

I've heard they're also great for hard cheeses like parmesan. Can't wait to use it on that!


Valarie said...

the blades look remarkably like those on the ped egg. maybe you could do double duty with it to help justify your $15. :)

Alissa said...

dude! i totally noticed that while at bb&b... the ped egg was only $10... i shouldda bought it instead.

Jenny said...

I still hate you for having this. Curse this town for only having a walmart that doesn't carry these in any form.